Monday, October 21, 2013

It's working!

Our glasses are working! Although we found a funny mistake that we made while assembling both of the circuits, their second op-amps were disconnected! However, this is great as we can reduce the size of the two separate circuits to fit on one "breadboard" and make the device more portable (now it can be carried in a shirt pocket).

The weight is also not too bad, at around the same weight as the 9v battery it needs for power, here's some images of the final production of the SoundSense Glasses!

After this circuit board was reduced in size and wires run, we ran the wires to the glasses and attached the LEDs and microphones:

We then tested it out to see if it worked in this short video:
Finally, Tasneem and Peter modelled the glasses for us in class.

Some fun facts:
  • After a capacitor had slipped out of the board it was reconnected in the wrong place and fried one of our LEDs, oops!
  • We also fried a 2N4402 NPN transistor
  • We spent hours attempting to find why the circuit wouldn't work at first, this is probably related to accidentally bypassing the second Op-Amp

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